Call for pitches

Rewilding is an independent publication dedicated to exploring the people, places, ideas and debates connected to the global rewilding movement. We are a resource for those seeking inspiration on how to improve the human relationship with the natural world, and a community for those who want to make the planet a better place for all.

We are interested in the following:

• Profiles of people making rewilding happen
• Profiles of places that have seen rewilding success
• Profiles of rewilding projects in progress, or rewilding ambitions
• Essays and opinion pieces on rewilding-related topics
• Explorations and investigations of themes in rewilding

We're interested in covering rewilding both large and small, be it massive parks and wildlife corridors or tips on creating wildlife habitat in one's backyard.

We encourage a solutions journalism approach to storytelling, and we endeavour to cover people, projects and perspectives from diverse communities around the world. Our target audience is a general one: those who are interested in nature and conservation but not necessarily educated or working in the field. While we are focusing on written content, we also welcome ideas for photo essays and videos.

We endeavour to cover diverse viewpoints and geographies, and therefore we especially welcome pitches from BIPOC writers and those based in the Global South.

In your pitch, please include:

• What is the story you want to tell? Why is it important, and what will readers get out of it?
• Why are you the best person to tell this story? What is your relevant background and expertise? Have you covered this topic before?
• How will you approach your reporting and writing?
• How many words do you want to write, and how much time will you need?
• Are there any potential conflicts of interest we should know about? Are you personally or financially connected to the story?

Current per-story rates range from $200 to $750 Canadian, depending on format, effort required and word count.

Please submit pitches to